Fun diversion – How long until Antarctic ice touches South America?

Watts Up With That?

Antarctics-NSIDC-sept19-2014-mapEric Worrall writes:

Based on the current rate of Antarctic ice growth, how long until an ice bridge forms between South America and Antarctica?

Lets start with a simplification – if you squint hard Antarctica is a circle. Antarctica, according to Wikipedia, is 14 million square miles. Sea ice this year covered 20 million square miles. So what is the radius of a 34 million square mile circle?

area = PI x radius ^ 2


(34,000,000 / PI) ^ 0.5 = 3289 miles

So the radius of our “circular” Antarctica is approximately 3289 miles.

According to Wikipedia, the distance between Antarctica and South America is 500 miles. So we need to calculate, what is the perfectly circular volume of sea ice required to increase the radius by another 500 miles?

Using our area calculation,

Area = PI x radius ^ 2

Area = PI * (3289 + 500)…

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