Losing a Business

Kokula Krishna Hari K

Losing future business is very simple these days. Just deliver without quality, you can lose it. But recently I had a study/learning about losing a business by being adamant.

Yes, I was in a good contact with an organization since 2009. That was of an win-win opportunity for both of us. In 2010, we have generated them a revenue of around 100,000 INR. Recently, they have upgraded the platform. In that platform, we were given with the rights of creating multiple issues and we did it. Finally at the end, we got a call saying you will be charged for all the issues verbally and there was no email or written communication earlier. We all got shocked about it and had a strong argument. The business head was no way co-operating for our terms, and she was a lady. The issue generated a revenue of INR 15,000 for us and…

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