Companies To Shutter Doors In Seattle Over Minimum Wage


According to Sessler, “Seattle City Council is placing the successes of current and future business owners in Seattle in front of a firing squad by inaccurately characterizing an industry (franchising) they simple do not understand.”He further states, “Changes to the minimum wage should not effect a business, including a locally-owned, franchised business, differently than another. The council’s move to suggest a locally owned franchise is a big business is clear demonstration of their ignorance as to how the franchise industry works and benefits our society.”

Sessler had visions of moving his operation, based in South Seattle, to two other possible locations both in the south east but those were shelved several years ago until this week. “We are considering the options and looking at what and when it would make sense to move. For too long, we have been subject to leaders that do not deliver…

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