Cellular Sales Offering $100 Credit To New Customers In Houston


Nation’s largest Verizon Wireless retailer giving credit to those who switch wireless providers.

Cellular Sales, the nation’s largest Verizon premium wireless retailer is giving customers an extra incentive to switch to Verizon. The company is offering those who switch from a different wireless provider to Verizon a $100 bill credit for each line they transfer from their previous carrier.

Under this promotion, a family with four lines on its current wireless plan would receive a $400 credit for switching all four lines to Verizon. This deal is exclusive to the 20-plus Cellular Sales stores located in the Houston area. No other Verizon Wireless retailer is offering the same deal.

“If you’ve been unhappy with your wireless provider, this deal offers even more reason to switch to Verizon,”James “JT” Thome, COO of Cellular Sales, said. “You can’t get this deal anywhere else, except for Cellular Sales stores in and…

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