The Art of Networking: Why connections have become the lifeblood of businesses

Zach Munns

In today’s world of business, a common quote heard is “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This paradigm of networking and developing an intertwined support system has accumulated an increased importance in the workplace environment. Connections and networks are our ability to develop a support system that is able to back our position thanks to the trust we have built with them. Beyond the support we receive from our network, we find that the more well-built relationships we have, the easier it is to ask for referrals, advice, help, and guidance in times of uncertainty. Then how, in the busy and impersonal environment we live in, do we build trustworthy and strong connections within and outside of our network. I will now show you, based off my experience, the keys to building a strong network:

  1. Don’t go pitching yourself — As tempting as it may seem, networking events are…

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