Student Works Disposal Now Recycles Old Furniture And Equipment


Most of people’s old furniture and equipments end up in landfill sites, creating problems for the Earth’s environment. Student Works Disposal now offers sustainable discarding of household junk at

Student Works Disposal has recently announced that it will be accepting household garbage, including old furniture and electronic goods, from customers in Vancouver to recycle and reuse. This initiative is taken in order to ease the ever-increasing burden of waste on the Earth’s environment. The company strongly believes in environment-friendly business processes and sustainable waste disposal. As a result, Student Works Disposal collects and recycles (whenever possible) old garbage from residents and commercial units in Vancouver, while providing its customers with world-class junk removal services.

Junk Accepted by Student Works Disposal

Customers can call for the recycle and removal of appliances, such as old refrigerators and television sets. Other electronic appliances could range from defunct radios and microwave ovens to…

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