Contemporary Foreign Lobbying In America

Annotated Statements

It has long been established that Washington, DC has a plethora of lobbyists. From Catfish Farmers or America, to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, everyone spends big money to influence American policy. Foreign governments, too, have lobbying operations trying to steer American policy in a direction favorable to their own national interest. However, the mainstream American press does not focus on foreign agents they way they are fixated on corporate lobbying. The average American has little to no knowledge for foreign lobbying. Which foreign governments lobby? Whom do they hire, what do they spend, and what types of effects do they have on US policy?

In 1938, Congress passed the Foreign Agents Registration Act. It was the first formal attempt by Congress to regulate foreign lobbying for foreign entities. Lobbyists for foreign entities are required to disclose their relationship and compensation from foreign entities. The purpose is to allow theā€¦

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