Shot Blasting Cleaning and Its Basics That You Should Know

Mobile Sandblasting

Shot blasting cleaning process is one of the ancient processes used which uses different media for cleaning of a surface. The media used are blasted on the surface with a certain pressure to get rid of the debris. This procedure is mostly used to provide the required finish for any given surface. The media which are projected onto the surface usually remove the rusts or other materials from the surface. You can either smooth the surface or you can even roughen it by employing shot blasting.

Pressure Variation in Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning consists of a blasting pot which comprises of a compressor. The compressor is responsible for projecting the materials onto the surface with very high pressure. But the pressure can be varied as per the projecting materials and the surfaces. For example; if you are using a metal surface for cleaning, then you can maintain a higher pressure…

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