Look Beyond Obvious Markets


Ronnie Screwvala: Look Beyond the Obvious Markets

by Ronnie Screwvala, Forbes, May 19, 2014

Create a system that encourages enterprise and unearths new markets. This is a tough path that NEEDS thinking outside the box
Ronnie Screwvala: Look Beyond the Obvious Markets
Ronnie Screwvala Founder and Advisor, Unilazer Ventures. A first-generation entrepreneur who founded UTV with interests in television, motion pictures and mobile games, and successfully sold it to global entertainment giant Disney. He has ventured into investing now

India is at a decisive turn in its existence. All political coalitions in the fray know that of the approximately 820 million people casting their ballot, a considerable figure of 23 million—approximately the population of Australia—are first-time voters. Their aspirations are vastly different from what they were even five years ago. Therefore, the new government’s approach, too, needs to be different from that of its predecessors.

I’d like to suggest two key prescriptions: First, create an…

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