Does Size Matter With AP Automation?

The Chris Elmore

Lately I have been writing a lot about mid-market and large market companies. I have gotten on this kick in anticipation of the “rise of the mid-market” (sounds like a movie). I have always contented that The United States is three to four federal laws away from mass AP Automation adoptions. Until that time, companies are in the need of justifying any automation plans.

By The Numbers

The last number that I have seen about Accounts Payable Automation adoption is that only 10% of US companies are fully automated. There are variations of a larger group that up to 40% have some aspects of automation in AP, and then there is my favorite group which is over 80% that have no real idea of what AP Automation is and what it does. Ok, I just made the last number… it seems that there is a huge group that doesn’t know…

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