Seth Godin and Entrepreneurship Marketing : It’s not 3rd grade anymore, kids.

Haley Wragg

When I first had the pleasure of meeting Seth Godin face-to-face (I had the pleasure of getting him tea and a pen to sign books- it was pretty much the highlight of my year, don’t tell) at a May 2013 LinkedOC conference, he began his talk by saying, “Do what you’re told and you can have a detached garage at your house”.  I remember chuckling and thinking, all right, now someone who is speaking my language. However, it wasn’t until he dove deeper into his perception of what true authentic marketing is in his opinion, and after I researched his ideas further, that I realized how much his ideas resonate with what I feel the purpose of marketing should be. That is, in my opinion, marketing is not a way of selling. Selling is a by-product of good marketing. A successful marketer communicates a brand’s purpose, vision, and…

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