Preparation Required Before Hydroseeding a Lawn

Artificial Grass Installations Warrnambool

Hydroseeding is one of the most effective ways to grow grass on any surface. In fact it is ideal for instant lawn Waranmbool. Today this technique has come up as great alternative for the traditional methods. Hydroseeding was first introduced in the 1960s in United States and since then it became very popular all over the world. Today it is being used for lawns, playgrounds, sports fields and various commercial areas.

However to get a well manicured grass surface through Hydroseeding Victoria one has to prepare the soil first. This involves removing the existing vegetation and rocks from the soil surface. Even the weeds should be removed from the land. Herbicide should be used three or four days and the entire vegetation will dry up. The dead weeds and grasses can now be easily removed from the soil.


Many people plant the seeds in the existing soil, but if…

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