ACEP advocates “D-E-P-T-H” formula to solve economic problems


By Frank Owusu-Ofori

K.Y. Amoako - Founder of ACET K.Y. Amoako – Founder of ACET

The African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) is an Accra-based economic policy institute supporting Africa’s long-term economic growth through transformation is advocating that Ghana should adopt a “D-E-P-T-H” formula to solve its economic challenges.

According to the Founder of ACET, K.Y. Amoako, Ghana economic challenges would only be solved if it focuses on “Growth with DEPTH”

“The D stands for diversification of production and exports; the E for export competitiveness; the P for productivity gains; the T for technological advances; and the H for human wellbeing—all geared towards expanding formal employment and raising incomes. This is ACET’s recipe for the future of sound African economies. This is our blueprint for a country such as Ghana to realize its vast potential,” he revealed.

Mr Amoako made this known when he took his turn to deliver his speech titled “Not Just Any Nation:…

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