KGBTexas .Communications Launching Contest For Female Entrepreneurs


Agency Celebrating 20th Anniversary with Offer of Services to Contest Winner

Beginning this week start-up woman-owned businesses have the opportunity to win a suite of communications and marketing support from KGBTexas .communications, one of the largest woman-owned full service communications firms in Texas. KGBTexas, in partnership with law firm Jackson Walker L.L.P., is sponsoring the first-ever Catalyst Award for start-up woman-owned businesses in commemoration of the communication agency’s 20th anniversary.

“I want to share the experience I gained – by dreaming big and working hard – with other women entrepreneurs who are striving toward their dreams,” KGBTexas founder and CEO Katie Harvey said. “Over the past 20 years, from a one-room office to locations in three Texas markets and more than 35 full-time employees, I have been focused on building my business, but I could not have done this alone. I have a fantastic team of experienced professionals who…

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