Beehive Strategies Launches Affordable Business Services Centered On Marketing Communications, Project Management And Event Services


Creating a Buzz for Small to Medium-sized Businesses and Organizations

Beehive Strategies announces its launch of specialized affordable business services centered on marketing communications, project management and corporate event services.

Having worked with several entrepreneurial businesses, Beehive Strategies has a deep appreciation for the challenges a business owner faces when assessing a variety of new strategic initiatives. Many businesses struggle to justify high outside agency costs or the overhead associated with in-house capabilities but could benefit from developing and implementing strategic initiatives focused on expanding marketing communications, streamlining project management and developing effective corporate events.

“I am excited to offer affordable services in the areas of marketing communications, project management and corporate events within the Tampa Bay and Central Florida markets,”said Jennette Maxwell, Creative Buzz Specialist at Beehive Strategies. “Beehive Strategies is a powerful and cost effective solution for small business owners to help achieve their strategic goals…

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