LinkedIn lowers its age limit and expands its advertising potential

JR Lisk

Boston University's LinkedIn Page

As soon as I heard that LinkedIn had lowered its age limit to 14 in the states (age 13 abroad), I thought of three little words: college advertising budgets. Lo and behold, it rolled out its University Pages product Monday, a way for high school students to get to know college staff and alum.  Brilliant. Not only can kids use LinkedIn as a resource for learning about schools, they can also create online profiles to highlight their achievements and help them get internships. This has the potential to radically change the college admissions process. Imagine a world in which your child creates one online profile as opposed to filling out multiple applications? (Only 43 colleges accept the Universal College Application.) College admissions teams could peruse student profiles and decide who to recruit, whether via targeted ads (Cha-ching for LinkinIn) or other outreach. Prediction: using certain keywords in your profile will…

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