Secrets for small business success: the truth is out there – you just need to know who to ask!

80/20 Business Essentials

I’m lucky to know a lot of people who run their own business.

Some are very successful.

Some of them have great ideas.

Some of them have great ideas and great products.

But I also see how hard it is for them to specialise in each and every area of business. Some are excellent marketers. Some are excellent financially and are insanely process driven. Some are good at both.

But when I look at all of them I wonder how does someone who’s starting or running their own business find the time to keep up-to-date with the latest sales and marketing techniques that actually work?

How do they make sure they file the right tax returns?

How do they understand the fast paced world of social media and how it can really help their business?

How can they possibly do everything and stay afloat?

The way I see it they…

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