“Funemployment” Ain’t No Fun

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unemployment6 Going into my fifth week in my journey through the wonderful world of unemployment as a 55 year old, I am finding out that, even though I have an impressive LinkedIn Profile, employers are reticent in hiring Business Veterans, such as myself.

In the process of banging my head against my computer desk last night, I said to my self,

Self, why don’t you do like others your age and older, just give up?

Then, I read the following article and found out that I am not the only crazy old coot out there, who has not dropped out of the Work Force…yet.

Foxbusiness.com reports that

For the last 20 years, the economic landscape has been changing as more people work later in life. But this trend, whether it is for need or enjoyment, was happening well before the Great Recession – and it continues, though older workers have found reemployment…

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